There are currently no current vacancies.

We are a solid and dynamic automation engineering company that specializes in the design and production of complex automation systems. We are primary specialized in the production of electrical panels, installation of electrical systems and production of metal cabinets, containers and

We are specialized in high quality engineering solutions delivery.
The most important are:

  • engineering design

  • manufacturing

  • Implementation automation systems

  • Maintenance and service

Our vision
is to create a strong connection between to organization and partners.

We do it by:

  • having the best teams

  • taking care of our people

  • providing internal education to ensure a high knowledge in all areas

  • focusing on the right sale that fit to us

  • optimizing all functions from order to delivery

  • using the newest valuable tools/ software

  • keeping a close focus on the money flow

  • being creative and innovative

Our values
Honesty and openness
Integrity and mutal respect

Together, we want to add value and offer more than just a supply.