In our big team there is someone, who is dad himself, and in the moments when doesn’t lead implementation of new customers, he helps other dads to create stronger bound with their kids. It’s Oskars Špickopfs, who is also a trainer in Saliedē and leader of Father&Son programme. 

Oskars is the one, who can tell us more about father’s role while we wait for Father’s Day: “This weekend we’ll celebrate Father’s Day in Latvia. It’s the day when kids congratulate their fathers, and dads spend their day together with kids, doing things they usually don’t. Kids need dad, and need mum as well, as they play different roles in raising kids. 

Dad is first “stranger” in his son’s life (because first nine months from his life he spent very close with mom), and from father son will get first impressions about this world, people, and life. Especially from first years of life it’s crucial for little man to get confirmation from dad as a man that he’s welcomed in this world, to get emotional and physical comfort and feeling of safety, and trust. It will be great base for further life, in which father not only gives support, but also leads his son in various challenges which will form little one to strong personality with manly character. 

But for daughter dad is first example for real man – how he talks with others, how he shows himself in society and how he treats his daughter and wife. Father with his example will affect his daughter’s life – how successful she’ll be in communication and cooperation with others, how she’ll build relationships with boys in school, even how she’ll find her future husband. 

Kid is like apprentice, and father is like the master, who’ll give his kid his life experience, practical skills, and knowledge. Father must be aware, what are the values he wants to pass his kids to make their life wholesome and qualitative. But even more important is to love your children and spend time with them, because it’s the greatest value you can give them in this short time of childhood, and most valuable thing we can get from this life for ourselves.”