Our team is responsible and actively involve themselves in processes where help is important. 

One of our colleagues we can be truly proud of, is Igors Amontovs, our internal academy’s coach and internal safety instructor. His example makes us all think about safe environment, responsibility, and involvement even then, when company’s door closes behind us. 

Igors was one of volunteers, who went to help fight the wildfire in Valdgale, Talsi district, where the peat bog is still burning: “I felt that help is very important there. I have big experience in this thing, I know what is wildfire and I have fought it several times. Something inside me told that I must help.” 

In this time, when fire hazard is high, it`s important to remember that every small sparkle can be potential danger: “When you go for a walk in a forest, don`t take cigarettes with you. You can think that you have pressed cigarette down, but did you really? Wedding ceremonies and other occasions should avoid sky lantern usage, as well as any kind of pyrotechnics and open fire. I`m sure – we can think of safer and still beautiful ways how to celebrate. Air is so heavy now, and you can`t be sure that burner of lantern really burns out while flying and won`t catch up in tree still burning. Let`s consider all those things!”