3rd of July is International Plastic Bag Free day. It`s the day we pay special attention to plastic waste. Plastic bags, thin, transparent ones in particular, which we use to wrap every cucumber or banana while grocery shopping, is huge problem worldwide, and it creates notable harm to environment. Plastic bags are used for 25 minutes in average, and then thrown away.

AE Partner is company who cares about sustainability and clean environment. All waste that is produced during manufacturing processes, is sorted. Our Environmental Policy is to build trust among employees, customers and the public society by demonstrating our commitment to comply with relevant environmental legislation, reducing pollution, minimizing the use of natural resources for company’s operation, reducing the amount of industrial waste, by continuously improving the environmental management of the company in all its fields of activity. We aren’t totally free from plastic packaging yet, but we are responsible, cooperate with organisation Zaļā josta (Green Belt), and all our plastic waste is recycled.

Today and the days following we welcome our team and everyone else to think about our habits and avoid non-reusable bags. When you go to the store or to the market, always remember about your own shopping bag or basket!

We are for clean environment, which should be clean for future generations too!