AE Partner makes it`s business sustainable and develops the values of responsible company. Of course, the point of reference for effort the company puts in is satisfied customer, happy team and feeling of work well-done, bet it`s nice to be valued in broader business environment and to be in close circle with best companies in Latvia.

Within last years AE Partner has demonstrated so rapid stepping upwards sustainability stairs that it`s worth mentioning. In 2016 AE Partner got Bronze category diploma, last year – Silver category diploma in Sustainability Index, made by Institute of Corporative Sustainability and Responsibility (InCSR), and a special prize, Sustainability Champion, too.

This year AE Partner keeps solid position Silver category and has gained Family Friendly Business status, which is given by InCSR in cooperation with Ministry of Welfare of the Republic of Latvia.

There are new goals in front of company for the next years, AE Partner has Golden and Platinum categories in Sustainability Index to reach. Cooperation, openness, and teamwork sure will help to achieve new heights!