In this time of good jobs, heartwarming and waiting for the light to come back, AE Partner wishes happy holiday season! It’s time to look back at the good jobs of the whole year. Who knows, maybe even find an opportunity to do more good jobs that could bring some more brightness to others.

It is great to see that to AE Partner’s team values aren’t just a word written somewhere. We are honest, towards ourselves and others. That, although painful sometimes, moves our growth. We are open and the way how different people in our team works together is the best proof for that. Our team spirit is strong, and it allows us to work successfully. We value integrity. Our team’s gifts for the children who need some lightness in their days is only one example for the integrity in which we live every day.

Our year was bright and fulfilled. In harmony with growth in the company, our team was together outside the working hours, too. We went outside and made a small spot of our town cleaner. We spent the sunny and hot day together with our closest people and showed a place where we are for much of our time. We rode bikes together and we filled the Jar in many ways. The Jar is a collection of our good works and it will help them who need it the most – the little ones in Liepāja hospital. Every good work we do will help to make a better world and it gives us the feeling of fulfilment that no one can take away.

We wish to find the miracle of the Christmas – it can be everywhere, even in the sparkles of a Bengal light. Merry Christmas, full of a dazzling joy!