AE Partner is a team that inspires to do good, therefore, for several years we have been organizing a charity event “Jar”. Throughout 2017, during various activities, our team gathered funds for the children`s department of the Liepaja Regional Hospital to provide a valuable and necessary gift. As a result, we started this year with good work and joy of giving. This time, all together, we provided a portable oxygen concentrator that facilitates the oxygenation of the body and facilitates breathing in children with difficulty in breathing. This concentrator will further help small patients return home faster and continue their recovery with their family. At the time of the donation, Gundega Blizņeca, head of the General Childhood Disease Division, told that this type of mobile device was needed in the department, and will be used already the next day, it would be easier for a small patient to go to the Children's Clinical University Hospital in Riga to conduct medical examination. For many years, Gundega has been pleased and appreciative the initiative and goodwill of AE Partner employees in helping small patients.
Happiness makes more happiness, even when doing small things, we are pleased both with the hospital staff as well as to small patients and their parents. Thank you to all of us, the great AE Partner team, who did something unselfish to achieve this goal and start the year with a good job.
Also, this year we will not hold our hands on the lap. We will find out what department would need and keep our tradition. Everyone is invited to join with his good works and help fill the "Jar"! Together we can do more!