AE Partner wants to work smarter and not harder. One of the principles we use to achieve our goals is, we build the best teams and use the most appropriate tools. We are trying to captivate our colleagues and partners with our ideas and works.
Our team has colleagues who are ready to learn and teach others. To keep our work exciting, take care of the environment, and make the time spent on work meaningful and satisfactory.
Therefore inspired by our values, we have taken all necessary steps to implement the philosophy of LEAN in company processes, thus increasing productivity, reducing losses, keeping the team spirit and celebrating success.
Already for six months, the AE Partner introduces and applies the principles of LEAN in our working environment. We have the opportunity to provide training and practice conditions for our new LEAN coaches to successfully integrate improvements.
The AE Partner currently has 15 certified LEAN coaches and 14 LEAN coaches who conduct the necessary practice activities in audits, meeting management and problem solving before receiving a certificate. Our coaches are a LEAN DNA resource that will further support LEAN thinking in teams and bring knowledge to colleagues.
We welcome the whole team and coaches with the first graduates!