On Liepaja State Technical College there was a third Kurzeme region wiring contest for vocational education students on January 22ndand 23rd, where twenty future electricians form seven vocational education schools where demonstrating their professional skills . During the competition accompanying teachers had the opportunity to visit the company AE Partner. Teachers appreciated the company’s concern for the protection of environment and they were impressed by excellently organized quality management system in the company. Watching the work of assemblers of electrical equipment, it is clear, that good employee is highly appreciated. Thoughtfully organized work spaces, effectively used software in assemblers work, modern office equipment with adjustable tables after the Scandinavian best samples- all testify to the quality both the company manufactured product and employee well-being. Of course, discounts and pretermission from staff are not allowed. It is a guarantee for the quality of companies manufactured production as well.

“AE Partner is a modern company which is oriented on long term development and where it is honor to work at. Purchasing the AE Partner production is a very good deal.” - Arnis Roze

Teachers unanimously estimated after visiting the company, adding that it is a perspective place for practice for future energetic specialists.