On 26 April 2014 all over the country there was The Big Cleanup event. The idea of this event is based on voluntary participation (without pay) in cleaning up the environment, creating unity, positivity and a sense of job well done. The aim of the Big Cleanup is until the year 2018 when Latvia will celebrate its 100th birthday, make our country the cleanest and tidiest place of the world, - give an opportunity to the nature to get healed by cleaning it from waste, as well as encourage citizens to upgrade and take care of the environment around them.

That’s why we organize the Big Cleanup in our company AE Partner this year as well. We were about 30 people, who had come on Saturdays morning to work together side by side to make the territory around the company more enjoyable and greener for ourselves and for our guests. We started the event with one collective game, which aim was make the collective much stronger to participate the planned works more easier. Than we divided tasks to be done and started the Big Cleanup. The Big Cleanup has shown that we are a great team and we make our collective much stronger doing the activities like this. And of course we get to know each other from different side – the side outside the work.