On 04 May 2013, AE Partner team participated in the The Strong Race, which is an extreme running race organized in Tukumus, Latvia. The Strong race combines elements of the classic cross-distance running and strength challenges. Our team overcame the route of 8 km with 33 man made and natural obstacles. It was the largest open-air activity, which allowed our team members not only to test themselves but also to socialize with other group members.

“By participating in this competition, I got a lot of positive emotions, a few scratches and runny nose, but the most valuable is, the lesson that I learned about my team mates. I will not deny that the track would be pretty hard for me as a girl to overcome alone, but support and encouragement of my team guys gave me strength to continue and finish track with a smile on my face. Without their support I probably would not have done it! I’m satisfied that we did it as a team.”– Liene

Our proud AE Partner team, once again proved that the power is in a group work and mutual support. The race confirmed that our colleagues are unified as one and they are not afraid of new challenges and obstacles. We are proud to have such as brave team.

“The event was an emotional bomb ... starting with the day before, the day of the preparation to run, by ending with a pleasant tiredness and a sense of fulfillment after the run." – Atis

This is what characterises our AE Partner team: energy, motivation and determination to achieve even the most challenging goals.

"Next year I will also attend competition and represent our company name again. I’m keen to try my forces at the individual run". – Edgars