On 17 August 2013, AE Partner participated in the annual LBC (Business Centre of Liepaja) Street Ball Tournament. In the contest took part 13 teams from different LBC companies. We were represented by 3 men's teams and 2 women's teams, which in fact were the only female teams in the entire contest!


It was a great event, where positive energy and players' enthusiasm were visible from the very beginning of the tournament. All teams were well prepared and at the same time surprising: while some teams have previously trained and devised strategies, others prepared unique visual team identities. There are not doubts that this kinds of events integrate our AE Partner's team members even better and allow us to diversify a daily work routine. Our supportive and optimistic approach was reflected not only in a fantastic atmosphere within our groups but also in great final results. Our men's team won the second place and the women's teams were in the first and second places. What is more, our team member Ieva, won the gold price in the three-point shoots competition.