This year our colleagues from AE Partner once again decided to participate in the Strong Race, which is an extreme running race, organized in the cinema-town “Cinevilla” in Tukmus, Latvia. The length of the race was estimated to be around 8.5km, where all participants had to overcome more than 33 man made and natural obstacles. In this year event participated approximately 6500 people. Our company was represented by 3 team and 6 individual runners. Due to the cold weather conditions, only the most endured runners were able to accomplish the race. We are proud to announce that all of AE Partner participants accomplished the race! The race was not only a great way to test your strength but it was also an excellent team building exercise.


How did our colleagues experience the Strong Race?

“It was my second time for participating in the Strong Race. My impressions last year as well as this year were very positive. The weather was really bad and without our fans support we would have not been able to finalize the race. But all together, we did it! Big thanks to our fans and my strong team members!” – Atis Buks
“At the beginning of the race I though that it is so crazy. Especially in my age and physical condition. But with the time passing I was able to understand the positive aspects of this. The Strong Race is not only a test for your body but also your character.”– Līga Benšeite

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