On 11 May 2013, AE Partner team participated in The Tweed Ride event, a group bicycle ride through the center of Liepāja.

The idea of the event was to promote cycling opportunities and routes around the city and encourage citizens to be actively involved in creating a healthy and social lifestyle. The event with the motto: “Dress in tweed- ride to movies!” brought a lot of positive emotions and enthusiasm.

At a beautiful and sunny spring Saturday, a motley bunch of "AE Partner” company team, took part in the fourth Liepaja Tweed Ride event. Through this event we wanted to celebrate the opening of 11 new cycling routes called "Historical cinemas of Liepaja". Our goal was to have a good time together, not only at work but also at our free time! Besides, we wanted to show the excellent bikes of our company, which during the working days are used for the logistics. Deposit from this event to our team consists of full rickshaws of positive emotions and pleasant memories! - Harijs