We engage where help is crucial

We engage where help is crucial

Our team is responsible and actively involve themselves in processes where help is important. 

One of our colleagues we can be truly proud of, is Igors Amontovs, our internal academy’s coach and internal safety instructor. His example makes us all think about safe environment, responsibility, and involvement even then, when company’s door closes behind us. 

Igors was one of volunteers, who went to help fight the wildfire in Valdgale, Talsi district, where the peat bog is still burning: “I felt that help is very important there. I have big experience in this thing, I know what is wildfire and I have fought it several times. Something inside me told that I must help.” 

In this time, when fire hazard is high, it`s important to remember that every small sparkle can be potential danger: “When you go for a walk in a forest, don`t take cigarettes with you. You can think that you have pressed cigarette down, but did you really? Wedding ceremonies and other occasions should avoid sky lantern usage, as well as any kind of pyrotechnics and open fire. I`m sure – we can think of safer and still beautiful ways how to celebrate. Air is so heavy now, and you can`t be sure that burner of lantern really burns out while flying and won`t catch up in tree still burning. Let`s consider all those things!”

AE Partner builds it`s business sustainable

AE Partner builds it`s business sustainable

AE Partner makes it`s business sustainable and develops the values of responsible company. Of course, the point of reference for effort the company puts in is satisfied customer, happy team and feeling of work well-done, bet it`s nice to be valued in broader business environment and to be in close circle with best companies in Latvia.

Within last years AE Partner has demonstrated so rapid stepping upwards sustainability stairs that it`s worth mentioning. In 2016 AE Partner got Bronze category diploma, last year – Silver category diploma in Sustainability Index, made by Institute of Corporative Sustainability and Responsibility (InCSR), and a special prize, Sustainability Champion, too.

This year AE Partner keeps solid position Silver category and has gained Family Friendly Business status, which is given by InCSR in cooperation with Ministry of Welfare of the Republic of Latvia.

There are new goals in front of company for the next years, AE Partner has Golden and Platinum categories in Sustainability Index to reach. Cooperation, openness, and teamwork sure will help to achieve new heights!

The company, who cares about clean environment and sustainability

The company, who cares about clean environment and sustainability

3rd of July is International Plastic Bag Free day. It`s the day we pay special attention to plastic waste. Plastic bags, thin, transparent ones in particular, which we use to wrap every cucumber or banana while grocery shopping, is huge problem worldwide, and it creates notable harm to environment. Plastic bags are used for 25 minutes in average, and then thrown away.

AE Partner is company who cares about sustainability and clean environment. All waste that is produced during manufacturing processes, is sorted. Our Environmental Policy is to build trust among employees, customers and the public society by demonstrating our commitment to comply with relevant environmental legislation, reducing pollution, minimizing the use of natural resources for company’s operation, reducing the amount of industrial waste, by continuously improving the environmental management of the company in all its fields of activity. We aren’t totally free from plastic packaging yet, but we are responsible, cooperate with organisation Zaļā josta (Green Belt), and all our plastic waste is recycled.

Today and the days following we welcome our team and everyone else to think about our habits and avoid non-reusable bags. When you go to the store or to the market, always remember about your own shopping bag or basket!

We are for clean environment, which should be clean for future generations too!

Feeling of Song and Dance Festival blooms in AE Partner

Feeling of Song and Dance Festival blooms in AE Partner

Once in five years many workplaces are getting much quieter, but in the same time Riga is buzzing from sunrise till sunset. Already in Sunday there will be opening of Latvian Song and Dance Celebration, which is also significant because this year it`s hundred years since Latvia’s independence declaration in 1918. We feel coming of celebration in AE Partner too – more than ten of our team members will spend next week in Riga, giving joy and inspiration to others and collecting impressions, given by togetherness feeling, for themselves.

We are happy and proud that teamwork is value for our people even outside the company. Dancing in dance collective as well as singing in choir strengthens ability to cooperate and it is useful in every sphere of life.

Gates to song, dance and joy will open very soon. We wish strength and feeling of satisfaction to our great and active team members, their families and all the dancers and singers!

Youth is temporarily joining our team

This summer in AE Partner’s team there is temporary extra force – young people who are gaining their first work experience. It`s a challenge for them, but for us a task, to show how great it is to work in responsible and team-oriented company. This is opportunity we give together with State Employment agency in their summer work programme for youth. By giving our part in youth employment today we boost our chances of obtaining qualified specialist, who will know how crucial it is to learn new things and improve their skills, tomorrow.

Openness defines us both in our internal communication as well as in cooperation with our partners, and we are glad that we are successfully strengthening our bound with society – young people in summer work are proof for it. We hope that our young friends are satisfied with this experience as well and we believe that after a few years they will be part of our great team too!

It’s time to take deep breath of Midsummer magic

It’s time to take deep breath of Midsummer magic

Nature has told us that it`s time to take deep breath and inhale the magic of summer solstice – sing louder, release your wild inner self and get the joy of bright light.

Most us will wait for morning light next to the bonfires to live through the short moment of darkness together. Perfect time to make better bound with each other, to find something in common, to make energy fizz. All we need is openness, friends and live fire.

AE Partner wishes you to catch magic of the shortest night and gain so much energy that it keeps you going for a year!

Happy Midsummer celebration!

AE Partner’s team has spent their Midsummer celebration

AE Partner’s team has spent their Midsummer celebration

With Midsummer coming, AE Partner team has spent it`s Līgo celebration. While rejoicing we have added value to town’s environment and strengthened our team spirit. As we are responsible for resources, we used materials we already had and made a recreation place, which is simple yet very elegant. This fantastic place is found in freely accessible territory next to Liepāja lake between Zāļu and Dunalkas street.

We have spent pleasant, team-building event in cheerful atmosphere, and we welcome others to make stronger bounds between people in your company, family or friend’s circle and relax in this beautiful place – because AE Partner endorses strong teams! We want to say thanks to Liepāja city council as well – for giving us the green light for this clean up!

Our Best and Only Side is High Standards, and It`s Approved

Our Best and Only Side is High Standards, and It`s Approved


On 5th of June, which is also World Environment Day, we had overall audit in quality, environment and work safety questions in AE Partner to recertificate in standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001. These certificates relate to environmental policies and environment friendly business. Our Quality team with its manager Liene Kļava did a good job get ready for audit. The result is successful.

Liene says thanks for company’s whole team! She is proud that we have shown ourselves from our best side and are recertified without any unconformities.

The fact that we have successfully gone through audit and recertification means that our clients will receive highest quality products from responsible company – as they already did before. Sustainable development policy is one of our values, and we know, that our clients appreciate that.

There can`t be too much good and encouraging words and, as colleagues think, Liene is positive, always has something nice to say and always smiles. “Liene is real energy charge”, always interested and open – our Quality manager is living proof of all our values.



Experiencing Hannover

Experiencing Hannover

Hannover Messe has been the world’s most important industrial tradeshow and largest capital goods exhibition for years. This year AE Partner sent our teammates from mechanical workshop, logistics and project departments to explore fair. We have to say thanks to our business partner Rittal as well for cooperating to organise this trip.

Our colleagues admit that fair was very interesting and very impressive too. They only got a quick look-see: “This fair is very grandiose and the time we got was too short to see everything in detail. Fair was happening in several halls, it is enormous.” In their experience it`s the biggest trade fair they`ve been to so far.

In this fair Rittal promoted new montage panels that will replace the ones we use in our company daily. Much time were spent at them – our guys were introduced with technical differences from previous model.

Pleasant surprise for our team was that not only we know others – others know us too. For example, people from Hoffman knew that we use their CNC machines in AE Partner.

In fair people from our team made sure that we are company who follows time: “We can say for sure that most of what we saw in exhibition, is in use in our company as well.”

Charity action "Jar" 2018

AE Partner is a team that inspires to do good, therefore, for several years we have been organizing a charity event “Jar”. Throughout 2017, during various activities, our team gathered funds for the children`s department of the Liepaja Regional Hospital to provide a valuable and necessary gift. As a result, we started this year with good work and joy of giving. This time, all together, we provided a portable oxygen concentrator that facilitates the oxygenation of the body and facilitates breathing in children with difficulty in breathing. This concentrator will further help small patients return home faster and continue their recovery with their family. At the time of the donation, Gundega Blizņeca, head of the General Childhood Disease Division, told that this type of mobile device was needed in the department, and will be used already the next day, it would be easier for a small patient to go to the Children's Clinical University Hospital in Riga to conduct medical examination. For many years, Gundega has been pleased and appreciative the initiative and goodwill of AE Partner employees in helping small patients.
Happiness makes more happiness, even when doing small things, we are pleased both with the hospital staff as well as to small patients and their parents. Thank you to all of us, the great AE Partner team, who did something unselfish to achieve this goal and start the year with a good job.
Also, this year we will not hold our hands on the lap. We will find out what department would need and keep our tradition. Everyone is invited to join with his good works and help fill the "Jar"! Together we can do more!