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About US

AE Partner is manufacturer of high quality automation systems with design and production of electrical panels. Since 1996 we provide our clients with services within the field of automation engineering. Our experience helped us to achieve a position which enables fulfil needs and requirements of the most demanding customers. When it comes to automation systems, we put a lot of effort to provide our customers with efficient services and at the same time provide most competitive prices.

Innovative & Collaborative Solutions for Industries and Businesses

At AE Partner we understand the importance of providing our customers with high quality automation systems and electrical services. We also know that our services can make a difference to our client’s business and industries. That is why we are constantly challenging ourselves at creating effective business solutions and establishing long-term relationships with our clients and partners.

We accompany our clients throughout the whole work circle: from consultancy and planning phase until the installation and quality control processes.

We also ensure that our products and services are based on high quality standards and required norms and are always aligned to our clients needs and requirements.

Together we cooperate and offer more than just a supply

We are passionate about our work which is reflected in our corporate mission: to be most preferred automation engineering partner.

At AE Partner we build our business on mutual collaboration and trust. We listen to our customers and ensure an individual approach to every project. Our aim is to create a strong connection between the organization, employees and business partners.

As our employees are the heart of any operation, our company continuously invest resources in training and upgrading employee LEAN know-how and manufacturing approach. Also by maintaining focus and philosophy of such quality instruments like 5S, Kaizen, Kanban, PFMEA and others we achieve that our factory processes are predictable and agile in response to customers demand.

We are specialized in providing high quality automation engineering services, including:

  • Engineering Design

  • Manufacturing

  • Implementation of Automation Systems

  • Maintenance and Service

We hold ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 certifications since the year 2012.

Design of Electrical Documentation & Productions of Electrical Panels

At AE Partner we are specialized in designing electrical documentation and producing Electrical Panels including Distribution Panels, MCC Panels and PLC Panels.

Openness to New Challenges and Flexible Solutions

We understand the importance of close cooperation with each individual customer what allows us to create ideas that generate results. Following that concept, our highly qualified project managers provide solutions for creating drawings for electrical documentation, in general using E-Plan and as optional PC Schematics.

Thinking about different needs of our customers we provide our clients with both serial production and project related solutions.

By introducing the principles of the lean production, we have significantly enhanced our work progress. We constantly strive to find the most advanced, time efficient and competitive solutions that help us to deliver the most convincing result.

Our expertise and experience with electrical panels has resulted in strong co-operation with multiple companies that value our reliability, solidity and openness for new projects and challenges.

Trust & Reliability

We are aware how important it is to provide high quality services and build long term relationship based on reliability and trust. By providing training programmes and courses for our staff we are sure that our services will satisfy our customers and fulfil their requirements.

Professional Logistics

In order to make sure that our panels safely reach the destination, we have developed our own packing system. We are specialized in simple logistics tasks as well as advanced seaworthy packaging.

Consulting in Outsourcing & Machine Safety

At AE Partner we offer consulting within the fields of outsourcing and machine safety analysis.

Experience & Expertise in Outsourcing

When it comes to outsourcing, AE Partner offers numerous advantages wich can help you to maximize the performance of your business. As an experienced business partner we offer expertise in creating cheaper solutions, decreased amount of administration and storage costs as well as efficient workflow and professional logistics.

Our experience within the field of automation engineering helped us to achieve the position of a reliable and trusted outsourcing partner.

What our customers appreciate is not only competitive price but also possibility to discover new business solutions that broaden opportunities. We create solutions that generate results and enhance profit.

Machine Safety Analysis

We are aware that global market requires detailed understanding of law and regulations that exist in different countries. As the result, we are capable to provide certification of products and ensure that they are conformable to worldwide norms.

Customer Test Centre

Our dedicated team of experts is qualified to perform tests according to your individual standards and needs.

Custom Metal Solutions & Production of Metal Cabinets

At AE Partner we are specialized in creating custom designed Electrical Cabinets, Containers, E-houses as well as Standard Cabinets.

Detailed Precision and Innovative Approach

At AE Partner we understand our customers’ needs for innovative and customized solutions. As the result, we offer production of metal cabinets as well as specific items, which are always designed and manufactured according to our customers’ requirements. By combining the 3-D technology with our fully automated work centre we offer serial production, where each component is identical. This solution not only enhances our efficiency but also ensures high precision and professional results.

Electrical & Standard Cabinets, E-houses and Containers

We manufacture a wide range of metal components as well as final products, such as electrical and standard cabinets, e-houses and electrical containers.

Our products are characterized by durability and resistance to thermal and mechanical factors, which has been acknowledged by our clients.

We ensure that our products meet quality norms of international standards and provide our clients with maximum satisfaction.

Since many years AE Partner has delivered high quality automation systems to businesses and industries all over the world.

We provide a wide range of automation services for projects of different sizes, no matter what they are and what they do. We support local, international and worldwide companies that appreciate our proven reliability and high-quality services.

We are primary specialized in automation engineering solutions, including:

  • Engineering Design

  • Manufacturing

  • Implementation of Automation Systems

  • Maintenance and Service

Our high qualified technicians are always ready to help you achieve your goals.