Charity action "Jar" 2018

AE Partner is a team that inspires to do good, therefore, for several years we have been organizing a charity event “Jar”. Throughout 2017, during various activities, our team gathered funds for the children`s department of the Liepaja Regional Hospital to provide a valuable and necessary gift. As a result, we started this year with good work and joy of giving. This time, all together, we provided a portable oxygen concentrator that facilitates the oxygenation of the body and facilitates breathing in children with difficulty in breathing. This concentrator will further help small patients return home faster and continue their recovery with their family. At the time of the donation, Gundega Blizņeca, head of the General Childhood Disease Division, told that this type of mobile device was needed in the department, and will be used already the next day, it would be easier for a small patient to go to the Children's Clinical University Hospital in Riga to conduct medical examination. For many years, Gundega has been pleased and appreciative the initiative and goodwill of AE Partner employees in helping small patients.
Happiness makes more happiness, even when doing small things, we are pleased both with the hospital staff as well as to small patients and their parents. Thank you to all of us, the great AE Partner team, who did something unselfish to achieve this goal and start the year with a good job.
Also, this year we will not hold our hands on the lap. We will find out what department would need and keep our tradition. Everyone is invited to join with his good works and help fill the "Jar"! Together we can do more!



The AE Partner team wishes all the best in this  holiday season and great success in 2018! Thank you for being with us this year!

First LEAN trainers among us


AE Partner wants to work smarter and not harder. One of the principles we use to achieve our goals is, we build the best teams and use the most appropriate tools. We are trying to captivate our colleagues and partners with our ideas and works.
Our team has colleagues who are ready to learn and teach others. To keep our work exciting, take care of the environment, and make the time spent on work meaningful and satisfactory.
Therefore inspired by our values, we have taken all necessary steps to implement the philosophy of LEAN in company processes, thus increasing productivity, reducing losses, keeping the team spirit and celebrating success.
Already for six months, the AE Partner introduces and applies the principles of LEAN in our working environment. We have the opportunity to provide training and practice conditions for our new LEAN coaches to successfully integrate improvements.
The AE Partner currently has 15 certified LEAN coaches and 14 LEAN coaches who conduct the necessary practice activities in audits, meeting management and problem solving before receiving a certificate. Our coaches are a LEAN DNA resource that will further support LEAN thinking in teams and bring knowledge to colleagues.
We welcome the whole team and coaches with the first graduates!

Ilgtspējas indekss 2017

This was second year in row when we participated in initiative “Ilgtspējas indekss”, and we have received confirmation that we are on right tracks. This year we gained recognition as the fastest growing company in all criteria, and we have stepped up to silver category.

Team of experts has confirmed growth both in strategic issues and relations with partners, and we have received positive feedback to our efforts to increasingly improve the working environment for employees, taking care for the environment and the local community.

We are proud that we have a sustainable and corporately responsible!

Continue implementation of Lean

Today we have started co-operation with mentors from Izaugsmes Kvartāls, to help us continue implementation of Lean principles in our work. Lean is one of the world's oldest and proven systems that promotes the efficiency of work performance and standards in the company.


Continuing a Great Tradition

By participating in various activities, challenges and events throughout the year 2016, AE Partner employees faithfully filled the Jar.
After collected necessary funds, with pride and satisfaction, we went to Liepaja Regional hospital, children's health department and delivered three baby scales and two ear thermometers.
Because the environment around us is as good, as good we create it! Thanks to everyone who participated!

The Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Kurzeme's council meeting

8 November in AE Partner was hold the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Kurzeme's council meeting. CEO Michael Holm introduced the guests to AE Partner. 
The main aspects that was discussed were related to State management and control, construction sphere, also to micro-enterprises.

Guntis Miklovičs, 1973 - 2016

This week has started with extreme sad message. Our good colleague and friend Guntis Miklovičs passed away this weekend in a tragic car accident. 

He will be deeply missed and no words can express our sadness at losing one of us. He will be deeply missed and no words can express our sadness at losing one of us.

Guntis was a good person and we were privileged to have know him. Some of us for many years. The thoughts of AE Partner collective are with Guntis family at this very difficult time.

Blood Donor Days in AE Partner

“You don’t have to be Batman to save lives. Just donate blood!”
And we did it! We invited Liepajas Regional Hospital Blood preparatory department to our premises and give them full control of it! 
61 AE Partner member donated about 28 l blood in two days. This blood will helps to save many people lives.
And that isn’t all. With honorarium from blood donation we fed our donation bank. Traditional every year from this charity bank employees of AE Partner presents a gift to Liepajas Regional Hospital Children’s department.

We realize our Hereos mission!
A big Thank You for all participants. You are excellent!
Together we can more.